Self-Assessment Quiz

Here is a quick mini survey that will give you a sample of how a discussion with our Certified Six Sigma Black Belt can help uncover some of your business challenges to increase your bottom line and improve customer satisfaction:

Is most of your problem solving spent on root cause? Yes No
If you randomly selected employees in your organization, would the majority of them be able to tell you how their role contributes to their customer's success? Yes No
Do the majority of individuals in your organization enthusiastically embrace your quality standard? Yes No
Are decisions in your organization made based on data and facts - not opinion? Yes No
Do all employees use the same process for problem solving or is the problem solving process random depending on who is performing it? Yes No
Does everyone involved in the design & innovation of products and/or services document their cycle times and constantly strive to reduce them? Yes No
Throughout your organization, are there visible and up-to-date dashboards? Yes No
Does your organization have a reputation for its ability to sustain their achievements? Yes No
Do your customers feel that you really understand their needs and strive to exceed them? Yes No
Are the products and/or services consistently delivered on time? Yes No