Baldrige Based Assessments

Our experts can help your organization achieve Performance Excellence through the use of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program criteria.

How do we do this? By utilizing an assessment that incorporates the Baldrige Criteria and examines the following aspects of your organization:

  • How senior leaders address values, directions, and performance expectations, as well as focus on customers and other stakeholders
  • How your organization develops strategic objectives and action plans. In addition, how your strategic objectives and action plans are deployed and how progress is measured.
  • How your organization determines requirements, expectations, and preferences of customers and markets. Also, how your organization builds relationships with customers.
  • How your organization selects, gathers, analyzes, manages, and improves its data, information, and knowledge assets.
  • How your organization's work systems enable employees to develop and utilize their full potential in alignment with the organization's overall objectives and action plans.
  • How your organization identifies, manages, and improves its key processes, including product, service, and key support processes.
  • How your organization is performing in key business areas: customer satisfaction, product and service performance, financial and marketplace performance, human resource results, operational performance, and governance and social responsibility.

The benefits of using our Baldrige based assessment are as follows:

  • Receive a comprehensive, cost effective audit.
  • Identification of the opportunities for improvement within your organization.
  • Expert feedback that can provide the focus to help cause positive change within your organization.
  • We can utilize our Six Sigma expertise to solve the problems and help your organization make continuous improvements.

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