Business Perfomance Dashboards

To improve performance you must measure it. Measurement is critical to success and is one of the core principals of Six Sigma.

Business Performance Dashboards (BPDs) are critical decision making tools for Executives, Managers and Project Leaders. Executives and Managers use the BPDs to visually display the health of your business. Project Leaders use the BPDs to track the progress of your projects. The Business Performance Dashboards allow Executives, Management and Project Leaders to:

  • easily monitor and measure the performance of your organization and individual projects
  • know when it is critical to make adjustments in your strategic path forward.

Our Business Performance Dashboards Turn Your Data Into Strategic Information:

We work with you to choose the most appropriate and meaningful business metrics that are tied to your strategic vision. Our experts utilize Six Sigma techniques to develop and prioritize the metrics that are critical to your organization.

We apply our years of experience to develop Business Performance Dashboards for you with minimum time and resource investment on your part.

The following Dashboard is an excellent detailed snapshot of the performance of the sales organization. Please click on any of the Sales Reps (numbered 1-14 for the purposes of this demo) and watch the information automatically adjust to reflect their individual performance. Float your cursor over the bars in the charts to get the exact data behind the graphics.

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