On a 5 point scale, 98% of our students have rated our training as a 5. Listed below is a representative sample of some of the testimonials we have received from our students. Sign up for one of our courses today to find out why we consistently receive excellent ratings.

Kathy Statham
Cornerstone Six Sigma Consulting offers an environment conducive for learning. The teacher was wonderful. Time is not only spent teaching but allowing you to learn any area that may be more difficult for you than for other students. Your success is their goal!

Randall W. Lott
An intense three days of learning that was well organized, well presented and fun.

Michael Shartouny
The instructor was very friendly and worked with everyone to help them understand the subjects. The course and documentation were well organized.

Beverlye C. Agard
I was looking for a way to increase my employability. I have over 15 years experience in project budgeting and cost control. The Greenbelt class helped me to update my skills and gave me a fresh approach to reducing costs while increasing customer satisfaction, customer retention and possibly customer loyalty. I believe in today's market economy this is a fantastic tool to add to my skill set. The instructor was absolutely great. Complex ideas were presented in clear concise language and the classroom exercises were very beneficial.

Linda Vaughn Jones
Cornerstone Six Sigma Consulting training is an excellent investment of your time and resources in the continued process of self-improvement. The Six Sigma training provides tools that you can use in every aspect of your life. It is not just a career enhancing skill set. Six Sigma is a way of thinking that will shift your paradigm.

Karen Cox
The teachers made this course interesting, and more importantly, impactful and meaningful to our business.

Ken Benson
The instructors made the difference in this course based on their combined business acumen and experience.

Willie Palmer
I was extremely pleased with the Six Sigma training that was provided to members of my organization and me. The teacher customized the training, included a lot of hands-on activities and shared real life experiences to meet the needs of our service organization. The instructor is a talented teacher of adults and intuitively senses when students grasp the concepts being presented, and hence knows when to slow down and/or spend more time on a topic.

Sandra Wavely
Great course. Our supervisors need this training.

Ravi K Mudigonda
The training is excellent; the trainer has excellent knowledge and experience. I would certainly recommend this course to my friends.

Margie Epps
I came to this class not knowing a lot about Six Sigma and learned so much. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and made it very easy to understand.

Karen Sigler
...very patient and willing to stop when I needed to go back over something. Very quick response to student requests. Shared great stories based on their personal experience.

Shannon Stamper
Excellent. The instructor was very informed, professional and had good examples.

Alfred Olivares
Very knowledgeable instructor. The course is very well organized and is more complete than the ones I researched. It includes both Minitab and the methodology.

Clay Henderson
The teacher did a great job!

Marian Hamrick
I now fully understand Six Sigma and feel the course was very effective. The instructor was very courteous, answered all questions, very knowledgeable, and professional.

Regina McMillon
Six Sigma training can be overwhelming if not taught properly. That wasn't a problem in this training course.

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